Shuo Chen | 陈硕

  • Enthusiastic AI Researcher
  • PhD Student at LMU Munich & Siemens
  • Email: chenshuo.cs at outlook dot com
  • Name Pronunciation: “Shuo” is similar to “shore” with a British accent.

I am a 1st year PhD student at LMU Munich and Siemens AG, supervised by Prof. Volker Tresp. Before that, I graduated from the Elite Master of Data Science at LMU Munich advised by Prof. Volker Tresp.

Before joining LMU, I graduated from the School of Information Management at Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU), Guangzhou, China, in 2020 with a major in Information Systems and a minor in Computer Science, advised by Prof. Daifeng Li.

My research interests include Deep Learning, Multimodal Models, Vision-Language Models, and Responsible AI.


  • Nov 2023 Check out our new paper of in-context learning on vision-language models! paper

  • Sep 2023 One paper got accepted at NeurIPS 2023 Dataset and Benchmark Track! paper, page

  • Jul 2023 Check out our new systematic survey of prompt engineering on vision-language foundation models! paper, awesome github repo

Yesterday's News
  • Jun 2023 Check out our new benchmark on robustness of adaptation methods on pre-trained vision-language models! paper, page.

  • Feb 2023 I graduated from the Data Science Master project at LMU with a grade of 1.08/1.0 (1.0 is the best) and started a new journey as a PhD Student!

  • Nov 2022 One paper has been accepted to Cancers.

  • May 2022 I obtained the LMU SIST Scholarship and would be sponsored by the Bavaria Education Ministry in the next 10 months.

  • July 2020 I joined DMAI as a Research Intern.
  • July 2019 I joined DMAI as a Research Intern.
  • May 2019 I obtained the First Class Scholarship for Excellent Students at Sun Yat-sen University.
  • Nov 2018 I obtained the Chinese National Scholarship which is the scholarship with the highest honor that Chinese college students can obtain. (Press Coverage, in Chinese)

  • Nov 2017 I obtained the National Encouragement Scholarship for excellent students with financial needs.

  • Aug 2017 I took a study tour of top-notch universities in Taiwan with visiting grant from SYSU.

Education Experiences

  • 2023 - Now PhD Student, LMU Munich & Siemens AG, Munich Germany

  • 2020 - 2022 M.Sc. Data Science, LMU Munich, Munich Germany
    Elite Master Project funded by Bavaria Government
    1.08/1.0 (approximately 4.0/4.0)

  • 2016 - 2020 Information System, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou China
    Minor in Computer Science
    3.8/4.0 top10%

  • 2013 - 2016 Henan Experimental Highschool, Henan China


  • Understanding and Improving In-Context Learning on Vision-language Models [arXiv]
    Shuo Chen, Zhen Han, Bailan He, Mark Buckley, Philip Torr, Volker Tresp, Jindong Gu
    arXiv preprint

  • Benchmarking Robustness of Adaptation Methods on Pre-trained Vision-Language Models [arXiv] [Page] [Code]
    Shuo Chen, Jindong Gu, Zhen Han, Yunpu Ma, Philip Torr, Volker Tresp
    NeurIPS 2023 Dataset and Benchmark Track

  • A Systematic Survey of Prompt Engineering on Vision-Language Foundation Models [arXiv] [Awesome Githup Repo]
    Jindong Gu, Zhen Han, Shuo Chen, Ahmad Beirami, Bailan He, Gengyuan Zhang, Ruotong Liao, Yao Qin, Volker Tresp, Philip Torr
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2307.12980, 2023

Before PhD
  • EMT-Related Genes Have No Prognostic Relevance in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer as Opposed to Stage II/III [Link] [PDF]
    Pretzsch Elise, Volker Heinemann, Sebastian Stintzing, Andreas Bender, Shuo Chen, Julian Walter Holch, Felix Oliver Hofmann, Haoyu Ren, Florian Bösch, Helmut Küchenhoff, Jens Werner, Martin Konrad Angele
    Cancers, 2022
  • Introduction and Exemplars of Uncertainty Decomposition. [arXiv] [PDF]
    Shuo Chen
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2211.15475, 2022
  • Social Networks are Divulging Your Identity behind Crypto Addresses. [arXiv] [PDF]
    Shuo Chen, Uzair Norman
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2211.09656, 2021

Working Experiences

  • PhD Student at Siemens AG
    Feb 2023 - Now

  • Research Assistant at SLDS Consulting Unit
    Dec 2021 - Jan 2023

  • Research Intern at DMAI, Guangzhou China
    Jun 2020 - Oct 2020

  • Research Intern at DMAI, Guangzhou China
    Jun 2019 - Oct 2019


  • 2019 First prize in National Competition of Data Driven and Innovation Research link


  • May 2022 LMU SIST Scholarship. The requirements for the scholarship include academic excellence, demonstrable knowledge in the applicant’s field of study, and financial need.

  • May 2019 First Class Scholarship for Excellent Students in Sun Yat-sen University

  • Nov 2018 Chinese National Scholarship. This scholarship is with the highest honor that Chinese college students can obtain.

  • Nov 2017 National Encouragement Scholarship

  • Aug 2017 Study Tour Grant from SYSU